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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Design Thinking

Program Date: September 7, 2018

1 - 5 PM

Design Thinking is a process for creative problem solving. This 4-hour course is designed to introduce participants to the design thinking process.  In this fast-paced and highly interactive workshop, participants will practice empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing an idea as they work through a mini-design challenge. 

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Power Negotiating – The Art of Excellence and Getting to Yes

Program Date: December 7, 2018

1 - 5 PM

In today’s business environment it is crucial to recognize the opportunities for negotiation in order to genuinely negotiate from a position of power, recognize what strategies are being used on you and to be prepared at all times for the unexpected. Skilled negotiators understand the four-step technique—evaluate, prepare, engage and package—to be successful when negotiating. This highly effective program teaches how to always negotiate from a position of power using the BATNA formula (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement) through evaluation, preparation and engagement and how to always think on your feet when planning your counter strategy. Negotiation is an integral part of daily communication and this program offers excellent techniques to ensure you always negotiate from a position of confidence and power.

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Transformative Team Building for Executives

Effectively orchestrating a team involves the ability to inspire others, understand their personality styles and communicate in their “language” in order to build trust, create a vision that is successfully translated to everyone while enabling others to build rapport, retain autonomy and feel valued. This program offers techniques to truly transform a group into a powerful and cohesive team structured for success, by implementing powerful influencing tools including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and communication tools to match non-verbal cues and strategically gauge the best approach to building inclusion and model excellence.

Sexual Discrimination, Misconduct, and Harassment in the 21st Century Workplace

The landscape of today’s workplace is in a state of radical change in regards to gender equity and discrimination.  How will your organization be a part of this change?  According to the EEOC: “Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers are encouraged to take steps necessary to prevent sexual harassment from occurring.”

The Leading Edge Business Theatre uses interactive role-play to provide valuable insights and unique training techniques to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in this changing corporate climate. This interactive and behavior-based program is designed around these key topics:

  • Identification and prevention of harassment situations before they occur.
  • Exploration of both ‘intended’ and ‘perceived’ behaviors and communication among co-workers and between management and staff
  • Development and observance of equitable and effective harassment policies for your organization
  • Exploration of both legal and ethical questions as regards sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Illustration of real time steps to take in the event of a discrimination or harassment incident using ‘scenario-based training’

Generating a “Wow” Business Environment through Emotional Intelligence

The art of success in business is knowing how to reach people intellectually and emotionally and using this awareness to create an environment of value, appreciation and respect. One of the most difficult techniques for people to understand and master, Emotional intelligence combines our intrapersonal and interpersonal skills in order to build on social intelligence, the absolute knowledge of how to handle the situation based on the needs of the individuals involved. Without EI all the experience and education won’t lead to success; it’s not possible to outperform faulty thinking. With EI anyone can leverage skills and knowledge to new heights, generating an incredibly successful business environment.

Instructor: Gregg Jones

    Instructor for: Sexual Discrimination, Misconduct, and Harassment in the  21st Century Workplace
Gregg Jones is the director of UF Executive Education’s “Leading Edge” acting company which he founded with the former Leadership Development Institute’s director, Ron Kirsch, in 2005. A seasoned actor, Mr. Jones was also a tenured professor of theatre for 28 years at Santa Fe college in Gainesville Florida, before retiring in the spring of 2016. Gregg is a member of the professional (Equity) acting company at Gainesville’s Hippodrome Theatre, where he has performed in more than 40 productions since 1979. Prior to the Hippodrome, he was a member of ‘The Living Stage’, an Equity theatre company at the Arena Stage in Washington D.C. for three years. Gregg has also appeared in more than thirty television and print ads for such clients as General Motors, Coca Cola, Standard Brands, and Cannon Mills. Film and television credits include Miami ViceA Flash of GreenCoastlines, Old Love andWaterways. He is a member in good standing of Actors Equity, the Screen Actors Guild, Theatre Communications Group, and is featured in the “Who’s Who Among American College Professors”.  Gregg performs as a member of The Leading Edge company as well, and as part of a variety of UF Executive Education program content as an instructor/facilitator.

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