Power & Presence: What it Means to Lead Like a Woman

Program Date: TBA  

Do the same rules apply to men and women in leadership roles? Absolutely not. Leading effectively requires excellence in several key areas including communication skills to command respect, social and emotional intelligence skills to lead toward the same vision, nonverbal skills to demonstrate power and confidence, assertiveness skills to create and maintain credibility and interpersonal skills to read any group and adjust accordingly to build rapport and trust. And men and women establish these skills differently.

This program helps women define and demonstrate their specific leadership styles as well as increase executive presence and leverage their strengths and abilities.

This program helps women increase their speaking skills to:

  • Overcome stereotyping and reframe language that sabotages success. Learn how specific language is counterproductive and which words to avoid. Understand the psychology behind stereotyping and how to strategically avoid gender traps.
  • Communicate with power both in verbal and nonverbal language.Use nonverbal communication to command respect and verbal communication to build rapport and get agreement.
  • Leverage strengths to achieve and sustain credibility. Assess personal strengths and utilize universal perceptions to leverage credibility.
  • Project confidence consistently. Understand what it takes to always maintain an air of confidence, plus tools to reenergize and build on confidence no matter what the circumstances.
  • Empower and influence others toward achieving mutual goals. Learn skills to utilize empathetic listening and foster an environment of open, respectful communication.

Power & Presence: Dynamic Decision-making through the Art of Critical Thinking

Program Date: November 3, 2017

When women can examine information from multiple perspectives in order to make the best judgment call, it gives them a competitive edge over colleagues who simply weigh in and make decisions based on past experiences and training. Yet there is a common myth that men are the critical/logical thinkers while women are the emotional responders. Critical thinkers are not gender specific. Instead this class addresses how women can differentiate fact from fiction/perception, examine beliefs from both logical and reflective perspectives and create new insights and answers when making all decisions.

This programs helps women utilize techniques to:

  • Master tough decision-making by recognizing assumptions, evaluating arguments and drawing conclusions
  • Apply critical-thinking strategies to lingering challenges through implicit questions, i.e. what is basis for this opinion, what evidence, why is this accurate and why would this apply to the problem.
  • Understand different approaches to analyzing a problem through multiple sources (diagramming, alternative perspectives, questioning relevance and validity)
  • Recognize bias, persuasive manipulation, and emotion when getting snapshot of an issue

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Power & Presence: How to Effectively Assert Yourself

Program Date: December 8, 2017

This program helps women handle one of the toughest aspects of leadership.

Why do women often have more difficulty than men in being assertive? Women are conditioned differently, and they take that conditioning into the work force.  Therefore, it’s often more difficult to compete, disagree and interrupt. Women tend to add a passive or apologetic tone to their statements or questions during meetings and group discussions in order to appear all-inclusive; this behavior creates negative perceptions and impacts a woman’s credibility.

Women will learn to:

  • Assess personal influences on assertiveness and maximize strengths
  • Resolve conflict through smarter awareness, language and non-verbal skills
  • Negotiate and ask for what you want, regardless of how many “no’s” you hear
  • Communicate bad news without apologies and with confidence
  • Handle criticism by reframing the comments and taking out the emotion

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Power & Presence: Presenting with Confidence & Professionalism

Program Date: January 26, 2018  

When a woman can command her audience, whether it’s five in a board room or 500 in an auditorium, she is perceived smarter, more knowledgeable and more promotable. Perception is reality, and being a highly-effective presenter gives every woman a competitive edge.

This program helps women increase their speaking skills to:

  • Reach any size audience immediately with interest and credibility
  • Handle unexpected questions, resistance and discomfort effectively
  • Engage any group with memorable techniques
  • Learn how to control nerves and get buy-in from your audience
  • Know the absolute “musts” and “must nots” for any successful presenter

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Workshop Facilitator: Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, author, consultant, trainer and coach, one of a prestigious group of women using magic as a technique to inspire, motivate and educate.

Jennifer’s extraordinary programs combine magic, psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence, accelerated learning, behavioral kinesiology and other interactive tools to reach people instantly with messages of inspiration and content. Her most popular programs are designed to propel thinking from challenges and frustration to “can do” and “possibilities. Her core message: Our attitudes and expectations create our realities and impact everyone around us; when we reprogram how we think we create the results we’re looking for.

Business communications specialist, human performance coach, author of four books on human potential and motivational speaker with a background and graduate degree in psychology, Jennifer teaches how to increase peak performance and create and reach goals. Her client base ranges from Honeywell Space Systems to Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Microsoft, American Airlines, the U.S. Navy and Airforce and leaders in numerous industries. She also served as a personal power coach for CBS Morning News, Reno affiliate for three years.

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Workshop Facilitator: Jennifer Webb

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