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The Program Development Account policy

General:  A Program Development Account may be established when a program generates surplus revenue.  The surplus is placed in an account and designated for use by the college or administrative unit sponsoring the program.  The funds may be used to enhance future continuing education activities or for general operating expenses as deemed appropriate by the Dean or Head of the sponsoring administrative unit.  The Dean of the sponsoring college or Head of the sponsoring administrative unit is responsible for these funds. 

Program Development accounts have restrictions not associated with programmatic activities, particularly in regards to the purchase of food and entertainment.

Account Information: 

  • A minimum of $2,000 is required to establish an account.  The funds may only be used for specific OE, OPS and OCO expenditures (no blanket purchase orders).
  • The applicable Florida Statutes and rules and policies for SUS funds govern all expenditures from the account.
  • Upon receipt, all OCO items will be transferred from DCE to the inventory of the sponsoring department using the Finance and Accounting property transfer form.

Limitations:  The account will remain active, provided there is recent activity and a sufficient balance on hand.  If there is no activity after two years, DCE will notify the account holder that unless we are instructed otherwise, the account will be closed and the funds transferred into the general operating account.  If there is no response within 30 days, a second notice will be sent.  If there is no response to the second notice after 30 days, we will close the account.

Authorizing Signatures:  Requests for expenditures must have the signature of the Dean or his/her designee.  Only those signatures on the approved signature authority form can be accepted.

Assessments:  Note that all expenditures will be subject to the University’s Responsibility Center Management (RCM) assessment.  Be aware that the RCM assessment lags expenditures by 12 to 18 months.  The actual rate is determined by the University of Florida’s CFO’s office and may vary year to year.  It is the responsibility of the department to ensure sufficient funds are available to remit this fee. 

The account will also receive any interest that may accrue in accordance with Finance and Accounting policy and rules.

Department Responsibilities:  The department must provide complete and accurate vouchers in the Peoplesoft system including the appropriate chartfield string.  The DCE Accounting Department is responsible for approving the vouchers.

Chart field Info:  To spend from your Program Development Account, use the following chart fields:

            Department ID: Provided by you

            Fund: 143

            Program: 7800

            Account: will vary by expenditure

            Flex field: 52S + 4 digit Program Development Account (example: 52S4000)

Assistance:  Information and assistance may be obtained by contacting the DCE Accounting Department at 352.294.0863‌.