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IWL 2019 Agenda

View the agenda here and plan what sessions and tracks to attend! During this conference participants will be both challenged and inspired to sharpen their skills, interact with others, and leave this event energized and eager to share their new learnings. Being a part of  this event will give participants a greater influence and opportunities to make a positive impact on their community, career, and home.


Track Information

Three tracks have been developed to focus on one area of interest and development. Choose a track and go to all of the related sessions, or mix and match!

Leading with your strengths

Speakers will focus on helping participants to identify and leverage their individual strengths to achieve their full potential.  When making career decisions or considering opportunities, women have a tendency to focus on where they fall short rather than recognizing their unique strengths that make them exceptionably capable. Woman often think if they don’t have all the answers or meet all the requirements for a particular opportunity, they shouldn’t pursue it. They tend to follow directives with great precision rather than viewing them as guidelines that are meant to be stretched. Learn how to assess which rules are ok to break and how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Leading at Every Age and Place

Regardless of age, ethnicity, or profession, all leaders have had to overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve success. Speakers of all ages and from all walks of life will share insights on barriers for women leaders and provide concrete suggestions and tools for overcoming those barriers. Whether you are a college student, a working professional, or a senior re-entering the workforce, you will undoubtedly resonate with the real-life examples of how these speakers overcame barriers and tips they will share for overcoming barriers on your life’s journey.

Leading to Leverage Diversity & Inclusion

It is well-documented that teams with diversity are more creative, more productive and more profitable. That said, it can be challenging to know how to lead diverse teams to ensure the maximum impact of that diversity. Techniques used may be different if you are a man or a woman due to the stereotypical societal dynamics, unconscious biases, and communication styles. Speakers will provide ideas to help leaders recognize, address, and leverage the unique differences of team members in order to better accomplish the mission and goals of the organizations for whom we have been tapped to lead.

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